Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another bored day in Perth

After several months of being an unemployed, I am finally got a job as a waitress. I am very struggle inside my heart as I don't want to be a waitress with low pay, but I have no other choice. I am not happy at all, but I have to enjoy and be appreciate on what I have now. I have accepted the true, and accepted this as realistic. 

I am currently working in Papparich @ Northbridge, please feel free to drop by and say hi to me. :) 

My very first meal in Papparich! 

A selfie before work... with uniform...

My parents are coming to Perth for my graduation ceremony on next week! I can't wait to see them, and enjoy my holiday! At the same time, I wish my beloved friends will be free to attend my graduation ceremony, I can't wait to be officially a registered nurse! :P


Girls always craving for dessert no matter when.

A photo of dessert to end my random post. 

A very yummy cake from MyCheesecakeShop. ;P

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Random Random

I like to make dessert, but doesn't like to eat. My poor Eddie is the one who eat all what I made, and get my blame on being fat. haha! 

I used to make oreo cheesecake and tiramisu everytime when I feel like dessert. Recently, I am craving for something special. So I made ondeh-ondeh. 

It looks much more better than it taste. Why? because the sugar inside spilled out when, so you can only eat the mochi and coconut flake. 

I deserve nothing. 

I always keep this on my mind, because I am. I am very desperate these days, but no one understand me well. I feel like crying out loudly, but I don't even deserve to cry. I've never ever feel of dying, but I do now. The feeling of dark on your pathway, no direction at all and no one can give you a hand. What should I do? Can someone please give me a hand or show me the right direction even with a little candle? 

I always question myself with how to earn money and what do I want to do. I am confused. Because I am nothing. What should I do? No one can answer me, not even myself. I know what I want, but the hardest part it how to achieve. I want an opportunity, which I can achieve on something and make my life alive. 

I am desperate, but at the same time, I am thankful to my family, Eddie and Dorothy for being supportive mentally and physically. 

hmm..is time to sleep, to get off all my negative and being positive. Cheer up myself and be a happy Eunice Lai. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sound + Voice

Haven't blog for a few months, my blog is totally dead! 

I decided to re-writing my blog firstly because I am bored. What a shamed, all my peers have started to work, but I am still an unemployment graduation. Secondly, I want to record my life, my opinion, my everything here as my memories. Who knows, maybe someday I've diagnose with dementia? LOL. If you did know me well, you will know that I love photo taking and like to post photos instead of writing lots of words. I haven't been blogging for months, but I have keep taking photos. So, I can keep updating my blog with a lot of photos. 

Since I have stopped working, Eddie has given a lot of support. I would like to say a big thank you to him. I know I have been given him a lot of trouble but he is always there for me no matter how stupid and annoy I am. 

Back to my recent life, I have been graduated as a nurse from Curtin University. *applause*  I am currently looking for job. So if you are in Perth and knowing any job available, please let me know. ^^ 

To be honest, I am exhausted from taking IELTS test, job hunting, visa application.....This should be the hardest time for me in my life. I am keeping myself positive thinking, and hoping I will get though this and live happily in Perth. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is My Day

This was happened my birthday!
I want to share my happiness and save this as my memory~ 
The most unforgettable birthday :)

Thank you so much for my boyfie - Eddie

He made me feel like i am a princess (one-day-princess) and he is my prince.

He prepared the surprise for me on the day, he did not even tell me where to go, he just said go somewhere far away~ He pick me up from my house around 11am....
He rang my phone and asked me to open the door for him, as outside was sunny and hot! so I opened the door for him. He was standing outside the door holding a pink cooler bag and white rose.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Coming up next!

My actual 21st b'day celebration are coming up! =)

 don't be excited~ because you will be disappointed...

I was actually downloaded 'blogger' apps in my phone. I'm trying to use this apps, if it is user friendly, then I can use it to upload more post =)

Ps: my first post uploaded using phone but not computer

Stay tuned =) 
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