Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is My Day

This was happened my birthday!
I want to share my happiness and save this as my memory~ 
The most unforgettable birthday :)

Thank you so much for my boyfie - Eddie

He made me feel like i am a princess (one-day-princess) and he is my prince.

He prepared the surprise for me on the day, he did not even tell me where to go, he just said go somewhere far away~ He pick me up from my house around 11am....
He rang my phone and asked me to open the door for him, as outside was sunny and hot! so I opened the door for him. He was standing outside the door holding a pink cooler bag and white rose.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Coming up next!

My actual 21st b'day celebration are coming up! =)

 don't be excited~ because you will be disappointed...

I was actually downloaded 'blogger' apps in my phone. I'm trying to use this apps, if it is user friendly, then I can use it to upload more post =)

Ps: my first post uploaded using phone but not computer

Stay tuned =) 
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Pre-B'day Celebration

Just a simple quick update here...

23/11/2013 - My pre-21st B'day celebration with the girls.

I was supposed to ask the group but because they were all booked out :) 
so just two of my ladies~ 

-Dorothy Eu-
-Melissa Lo-

Japaneses Buffet @ Shimizu 

The food was not as nice as what we espect to be..but great accompany...
Lazy's talk all night....lots of photos~ and lots of fun! 

Here's all the photos (100+ photoss) ^^ 

Friday, November 22, 2013

San Churros

Is holiday!!! :D so excited~ but im a bit lost~ 
not more assignment, no exam, no class, no prac....
hmm.....what to do? I dont know~ (planning)

Day out with Eddie~ 

San Churros @ Freo

Not much photo taken~ but will keep uploading my blog~ :)

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